A Note from Gilly, the creator of H&H luxury dog perfumes


The story behind my dog perfume is an interesting one

I never really understood my drive in life until a friend asked me: “Gilly, how will you know when you have made it in life?" That was one easy question to answer and I said: “The day I can have a dog back in my life.” In other words, if I have a dog in my life, it means everything else around me is going pretty well. Soon after, that friend gave me a dog lead and explained that it was for me to go on long walks with my future dog. That was my most symbolic gift ever – the only gift that has brought me to tears. 

Harriott & Hound dog perfume and cologne are a recognition and a thank you to all the special dogs in my life who have given me unconditional love when there was no human around, and for all the dogs in my future who I haven’t met yet.

My biggest thank you is to the special dog who did come into my life at just the right time, and who is guiding me in this life today: Hefner my Spoodle. Thank you Hef for just being here with me, and thank you to all the other dogs in the world for looking after your special humans.

You are all darlings, and we love you.

Gilly Harriott 

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