Harriott and Hound - Smell more fabulous than your human - FAQs

Is dog perfume safe to use?

Yes! Our dog perfume and dog cologne have been specifically formulated for dogs and are well within the standards of the International Fragrance Association

They have been crafted with the same high level ingredients as human perfumes, but with specifically altered concentrations, thus less likely to result in skin reactions and allergies. Your dog will simply smell fabulous and be soothed and calmed by the delicious aromas as you cuddle your favourite canine close.


Can I use my regular perfume on my dog?

Harriott & Hound would not recommend you use anything on your special canine except a product that has been created especially for dogs. This will ensure you are minimizing your dog's exposure to chemical concentrations that are sometimes found in human perfumes.


How do I apply H&H dog perfume?

A couple of sprays of H&H Paw Femme or Paw Homme on the back or chest, depending on your dog's size and fur. If your dog has longer fur, simply use a couple more spritzes. We love to spray it lightly onto our hands and then smooth it gently through our favourite pooches' fur. Favourite time of day!  


Does the perfume contain phthalates and glycol?

Definitely not.


What if my dog has an allergic reaction?

Simply wash your dog with dog shampoo in warm water. If irritation persists, consult your nearest veterinary clinic. Our perfumes are specifically formulated for dogs with ingredients that are less likely to result in skin reactions and allergies.


What is the difference between dog deodorizer and dog perfume?

This is similar to the difference between an Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum for humans. A dog deodorizer is like an Eau De Toilette. There is not the same quality or concentration of fragrance, therefore it simply does not last as long as a perfume, and the smell fades quite quickly. This is why dog deodorizers are a lot cheaper to buy. 

H&H dog perfumes are different: they contain a higher quantity – and quality – of fragrant elements like approved essential oils and are sprayed lightly or smoothed  onto your dog’s fur. So they smell fresh and beautiful longer for those moments you spend together.


Do you accept returns/refunds?

For hygiene reasons, we do not accept returns or refunds unless the product is damaged on delivery to you or if your dog has an allergic reaction to the product. You will need to email us proof of the damaged/faulty product or a letter from your vet confirming the allergic reaction.


What elements does this perfume contain?

H&H fragrances contain quality approved essential oils and synthetic aromas which have been tested on humans.


Can I use it for myself?

Well, we can't stop you from using the perfume on yourself (and yes, we agree it smells delicious!)  But we made it especially with dogs in mind, so we recommend using it for your dog only ... so he or she can enjoy smelling more fabulous than you!


Can I travel with this perfume?

Definitely. However we suggest you screw the lid on tightly and keep the perfume in its original box. We hope to have a dog travel cologne coming out soon.


How long will the scent last?

H&H luxury dog perfume and cologne are designed to last 8-24 hours depending on your dog’s coat. If you have a dog with fine hair (e.g. poodle mixes) it will last longer than long haired dogs like German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Irish Wolfhounds, etc.


Does this product suit all dogs?

If your dog has no fur or dry skin in certain areas, please do not use this product on those areas. Either spray the dog perfume in the palm of your hand and then gently smooth across your dog’s fur, or safe areas that are not exposed to dry skin patches.


Can I spray this on my new puppy?

Not if your puppy is younger than 6 months old. Just enjoy the smell of your new puppy and their beautiful puppy breath.