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Customer Feedback on White Pearl Paw Femme by H&H

Completely in Love!!

I am actually not a perfume person and have never owned a single perfume in my whole life, but boy would I love to have good smelling dogs to cuddle with!
Everything about this brand and the products are just soo luxurious, the packaging, the bottles, and the scent~ I am in love with it all!

Every little detail was PAWFECTION!

Every little detail about this product was beautifully considered. It makes the perfect gift for your fur babies. The customer service was amazing, shipment to the UK arrived quickly , the packaging so special like it was a gift for a human - Simply Stunning! Then the final icing on the cake was the beautiful elegant soft Smell of 'Paw Femme' - Maisy May loves her feminine touch and everyone in the family loves it even more! Thank you so much H & H for such a special gift! We know what Maisy's fur friends will be getting for Christmas!!


Thank you for producing such a gorgeous product that is pet friendly, smells divine and what a fabulous gift idea – packaged exquisitely.

Totally Gorgeous

A huge thank you to H &H for Paw Femme. Such a pleasure to receive a unique gift for my very special little 4 legged friend, Lambchop. A couple of puffs and your good to go for a scent that lingers for longer than a day. My special little friend even attracts compliments when we're out and about, and of course Lambchop just loves the attention she receives. An absolutely beautiful light natural feminine fragrance. So in love with Paw Femme :paw_prints:

Luxury all the way ...

Love the packaging, the presentation & the aroma. My fur child can smell a bit rank after a run in the park. A few sprays of this product & she's ready for a night out on the coach. A great gift for those that adore their pooch or for a dog that has everything. Thanks H&H

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK ON Black Diamond Paw Homme by H&H

Thumbs up

We did discuss as family and everyone gave it thumbs up. Not too strong and lasted 24hrs...not bad! (Linda & Charlie)

Family feedback

Yes we liked the smell - not too strong yes lasted more than 24 hours. Ralph did not sneeze. Yes we all could smell fragrance - could be stronger as was subtle. Kind regards Ralph's family.

I really liked the fragrance of both the male and female

I really liked the fragrance of both the male and female. It was sophisticated and ‘smart’ smelling and used it on my adult client dogs rather than puppies. The fragrance ‘grows’ on you as people are used to the baby powder fragrance that they have received on a regular basis.
Tried it on my own dogs and the fragrance lasted days, which is nice.
A couple of clients asked for that same fragrance to be used on their next groom rather than the regular cologne!
90% percent of my clients really liked the fragrance and said it lasted more than a few days.