Black Diamond Paw Homme

Black Diamond Paw Homme

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Black Diamond by Harriott and Hound Paw Homme

Paw Homme Luxury Dog Cologne

"Elegance is an attitude – a way of moving"   - Karl Lagerfeld

What’s in H&H Paw Homme dog cologne? A fruity green blend of essential oils of Mandarin, Elemi, Cardamon, Pine Needle, Armoise and Nutmeg. Because your dog fragrance should make you impawssible to label.

Black Diamond cologne smells as fresh and green as the great outdoors. The burst of bright Citrus fruits are spiced up with a scent of white suede, rich leather, Cinnamon and Cardamom to linger deliciously in this bold and breathtaking masculine perfume.


*Due to shipping restrictions we can only ship Black Diamond Paw Homme within Australia. Our Platinum Spritz is available to ship Worldwide - It is the only bespoke doggie pawfume with the deodorising X-Factor and is guaranteed to control odours for days. 

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